Home Inspection/ Commercial Inspection Fees

 Inspection fees

Consumers calling inspectors typically ask the last question they really shouldn’t be asking as their first question. That question is "what is your fee?" What you should be most concerned about is this person qualified to perform an inspection on one of the most important investments or decisions you will ever make, whether you are buying or selling your property.The following questions should be asked when interviewing your inspector:

1. Do you belong to an inspectors association. If so which one?
2. What are your qualifications and credentials?
3. Are you a full time or part time inspector?
4. Do you carry Errors and Omissions insurance? If so what is your coverage amount?
5. Do you have references?
6. Can I see a sample report?
7. What is your fee for my home based on the information I provide you?

Our fees are based on the size ( square footage) of the property, occupancy use ( single family residence, duplex, in-law units, commercial, etc.)
Discounts provided on termite and property combination inspections.
Please call 650 520-6953 for a price quote.